Friday, 13 April 2012

Powis Castle - Welshpool Spring 2012

 Today we visit the beautiful Powis Castle, the ground where so rich in color from the Spring flowers. A few time we stopped to get Arrianna out the pushchair to explore the grounds. Before leaving we have a lovely healthy picnic. 

Kellyn Playing with the camera, he will be a great photographer one day.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Update

Arrianna is now fast approaching 14 motnhs old. It has been a very Special couple of Months, She has now been able to repeat saying Moma. and has started giving the most wonderful hugs. We have lots of appointments coming up this months, so will be spending most of it on the road. 

Arrianna loves playing and discovering toys, but get bored of them very easy so i change them regularly. I Also change the box this adds to the excitement for her. 

Arrianna is sitting up un aided well now, but does have her off days when she needs constant supervision. 

Over all she is doing very well, i am hoping that once she has her hearing aids this will help her develop her communication and speech more. 

Below are a few pictures of Arrianna enjoying Easter. The older children have an Easter egg hunt every year, so this year i did a special task for Arrianna, where she had her own Easter Bucket and she put the eggs into that, Which she loved. 

Off now to Enjoy the rest of our holidays, More Fun ahead.