Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas has Arrived

Georgina Arthur

I Would like to Wish All our Followers a
Georgie, Kellyn, Ceienna, Arrianna, Muzzy and Duke. 


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Very Special Afternoon

Today was a Special Day. Arrianna went to her first Christmas Party, Both my girls looked so pretty in their dresses.When the Disco started Arrianna was jigging away on my Knee and watching the lights flowing around the floor. Next she played pass the parcel, She loved the wrapping paper and spent the afternoon playing with it. As the sat in the circle she was sitting as she had been for quite some time clamped between my knee's. I loosened my knees and she sat, unaided and perfectly balanced playing with the paper in front of her. I was so happy i had to tell everyone. Next we lined up to see Santa, Arrianna loved it. She took her Present herself and even opened it herself, She was so excited to find a lovely book inside throwing her arms into the air as she does when she is happy, then more wrapping paper even better. \we had a lovely time in great company. Christmas Starts here. : ) 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Asperger syndrome & Us

Kellyn is my Eldest Child, He is also extra special Thanks to his super intelligence. He has a wonderful Head of Knowledge, He has made an intensive study of Dinosaurs, Sharks, Titanic The Solar System and is now starting research on the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen.   He is Currently 5 years old. He recently asked me if he could start blogging which he has, He published his first post on his finding so far, This was thought out and typed himself, He even found the pictures too, using Google.

Kellyn is showing most symptoms of aspergers syndrome, This is a form of autism. Though Kellyn and i have worked hard to bring his symptoms under control occasionally, luckily we both now have the experience of knowing how to hand this. We have a wonderful bond together and we spend lots of time talking feelings and problems through.

With Kellyn's brain working the way it does this means that even though he enjoys attending school now, He still needs more work to do at home to satisfy his passion to learn.This has meant we has begun Home Education once again, But this is shared with school, I work very closely with school now to make sure Kellyn is always 100% happy.

I love doing this work with Kellyn, i also give Ceienna the same work at a lower level too. Its wonderful to help my son controlling his condition, He is undergoing tests at the moment to find the answers, but what ever they turn out to be Kellyn will always continue to amaze though he meets with his outstanding knowledge. Our House is fast becoming a home of Learning, Education and research as i am currently doing a university course myself, for filling a dream and a promise i made to myself when i was pregnant with Arrianna. Watch this space for More Blogs By Kellyn Coming Very Soon.

Below is an Easy Read Link about the Condition:

Friday, 2 December 2011

Diet and Meal Planning

Recently i spent alot of time reserching food for Arrianna. Arrianna needs a diet which will give her a high iron intake. its been a long time since i studied Food n this way and little did i know when i took my last course that i would be using my knowledge and High Qualifications to Help my Special Little girl have a specially designed diet. Using various books i gained the knowledge i needed but i thought i would recommend this to anyone going through the same thing.

This has information recipes and meal planners inside plus a whole lot more. It is also written in a way which you can understand. 

Highly Recommended. 

Living with Downs Syndrome 9 Months on

Arrianna is now 9 months old, so i was keen to see where Arrianna's development is taking into consideration, What a typical child would be expected to be achieving by now and what a baby with Downs Syndrome is expected to be doing. But in researching, i thought it would be good for our followers to be taken right back to the beginning.

  • small head (microcephaly)
  • flat face
  • upward slanted eyes
  • single deep crease across the palm of hand, and short fingers
  • wide space between the big toe and second toe
  • hypotonia (low muscle tone)
  • mouth tends to stay open with tongue sticking out
Listed above are some symptoms of Downs Syndrome. 

Arrianna has most of the above symptoms, But she does not let it bother her. She is thriving. She tries everything. Arrianna has a very attentive family around her who will bring her on leaps and bounds. Ceienna plays with her, They very often play shops or cafe's, which is wonderful to see. When playing shops Arrianna is the shop keeper and bashes at the till, Great fun. We are current waiting for a special needs chair which will allow Arrianna to play sitting up, Currently she lies on a cushion on the floor as she still has no upper body strength to support herself nor has she any balance.  Arrianna, also enjoys drawing and painting i have brought her a sketch book to keep her creations in as some really are very cleaver especially for a baby of now 9 months. 

Kellyn loves to read with Arrianna, he lies with her reading book after book to her, as well as sharing his knowledge of her various topics. 

Together we love to sing and dance, We make music, Arrianna especially loves bells. 

Meals times are great fun too as we come to the table as a family to eat and share our day, Arrianna always has a story to tell to, or a comment to make. She is very much part of us. 

The Downs Syndrome is never far away and we never know how it will effect her. As winter draws in this may well make Arrianna poorly, and in deed her off days are currently more frequent. We face a daily battle with her temperature as when she is cold her limbs go blue, but she does not like to have blankets or socks on. Her character and stubbornness is already shining through but as well as this she has determination, Arrianna loves to try out new things and will try to do What Kellyn and Ceienna are doing.  At the moment we have few appointment but in February these will all be starting once again, I am filled with excitement as we prepare to celebrate Arrianna's first year, but sad that i will be seeing my little girl lying in a hospital bed, again. This is the life ahead of us now, but i know that Arrianna will make the most of her life and enjoy ever minute of it. As she goes on Arrianna will make a huge difference to so many people, Already she is known for her beautiful smile. When were go out we see people stair at her, If Arrianna see's them she smiles and laughs which usually brings them over to us and they will always walk away with a wonderful smile themselves, Which is why i see Arrianna as a Beautiful Angel set to us to brighten everyone's world who comes into contact with her.  She sure is a very Special gift, i am so proud of her as i am of all my children. Life is sure going great right now and i know nothing nor no one will ever take that away from us know, Our hearts are full of Joy and happiness and float like balloon int he sky. How Lucky Are WE ????? A Very Gifted Family xxx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tutankhamen the Boy king- by kellyn mchugh

This is a picture of  Tutankhamen death mask.

Tutankhamen lived From 1346 bc to  1328bc
Tutankhamen was a king of Egypt, he became king when he was 9 year old. He was king for 10 years.
When he died he was made into a Mummy. and buried in a Pyramid with lots of treasures.

Tutankhamen s tomb was discovered in 1922 by Henry Carter. 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Knowsley Safari Park.

 As Part of Ceienna's Birthday we headed to Knowsley Safari Park today. We especially liked the Lions and the Baboons. We managed to get out car through in one piece,lol, Just.

Friday, 18 November 2011

3 Today, Where Has the Time Gone Big Sister

Today our family celebrated Ceienna's 3rd Birthday. Its been a day of fun and laughter. The Children went to School in their Pajamas to raise money for  Children in Need they thought this was great. We then picked Ceienna up and took her out and about for while Keeping a promise to Kellyn that we would wait for him to get home from school before we did anything. After Collecting Kellyn we got home the house was decorated with Balloons and Banners for our special princess. She got in and her presents where piled high on the Kitchen Table. She opened them all having great fun. We were soon joined by other family members and the real fun began having birthday tea and playing on the wii.

Ceienna has amazed me since Arrianna was born in February she has taken to having a baby sister well and is very proud to show her off. When she is not at Nursery Ceienna is always keen to help Arrianna, She is always willing to take part in Arrianna's Physio routine and to play with her special sister. Ceienna will often encourage Arrianna to explore new toys and shows her how to play with them. Ceienna also loves to share books with Arrianna, All this is sure a big help to Arrianna.

Though Ceienna is only 3years old she has a fine head on her shoulders she can fluently use two languages English and Welsh. . She is also learning Makaton and doing well with this too. She knows her alpherbet and can count in English and Welsh right up to 20. She is very stub-on and has been known to out whit the most experienced folk out there.

I just look forward to the future with my Children, Watch this space.

Monday, 14 November 2011

We Did It !!!!!!!!!!!! 8 Months Update.

 After months of work. Arrianna has now moved on to being able to put food in her mouth on her own. It has took months of work to teach Arrianna how to put food in her mouth and to get the co ordination right to put food in her mouth but we have now done it. With Arrianna having no natural instinct she has to be taught the most basic of things. She has to be constantly kept a close eye on now as she does not realize when she is pushing something to far into her mouth and choking herself, but still we will get round this given time.  Its lovely to see her determination to succeed when she has her mind set on doing something.

Arrianna is still attending Physio and we are doing daily exercises with her to help build up her strength this is paying off and our next goal is for her to sit up unaided.

Arrianna loves music and responds well to it. I have brought her some musical instruments which she loves to play with as some lights which respond to sound again she loves.

I have started to put lots of updates on her facebook page ( See Links on the side ) to its well worth joining, Arrianna is getting quite a little fan club together.

Ironbridge, Museum of Iron & Enginuity

This is a great fun place where you can discover the science behind Ironbridge along with many other things. There are Many Hands on Exhibits here.

While we visited on Sunday we had the best time we have had in ages we just laughed and laughed. One thing i love about being a parent is being able to be a big kid myself, even if we did end up getting a little wet. lol.

Enginuity offers somethign for all ages, even Arrianna's size as they have a soft play area. Arrianna also got excited over the X-ray machine as did i. As inside was a Merrythoughts Teddy Bear, Something i love and collect as and when i find them. As they are made in Ironbridge.

 After a quick lunch break we headed over to the Museum of Iron. Where we Learned the History to Abraham Derby's Discovery and its impact on the Coalbrookdale area. There was also an exhibition on Crystal Place something i feel is a great loss to us, I would have loved to have visited the Great Exhibition in London and seen the latest technology from Around the World. Unfortunately the Crystal Palace was destroyed by Fire a great loss to our world History i feel.  
 Kellyn as ever had lots of Questions so we sat down to watch a short film peace on the Darby family and then we sat and had a good talk answering questions and talking about what we had seen. As it was such a lovely day we wondered over the ground to view the original blast furnace which is preserved under a specially built canopy. Kellyn and Ceienna Found this most interesting. Before heading home we visited the Ironbridge. The children love walking over it so we did. We all had such a wonderful time together and Kellyn was still talking about it days later.

Oh What a Night

Well What can i Say, But What a Night. Friday We headed for a night out and what a fab time it was too. The school held a Talent night. There were many acts on the stage all great i was so glad i wasn't judging it must have been a had choice to make who would win. Kellyn headed off to join his friends, Ceienna played tricks on her Friends and Arrianna and i sat in the Corner of the room bopping away to the music, Arrianna had a massive smile all night long. She loves Music and Dancing and even more so the disco lights. Just totally fab, Cant wait for our next nocturnal adventures.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Remembrance 2011

As remembrance Day draws near i would like to pay tribute to those who fought for our freedom. May these days not only be a time of respect for those that made the biggest sacrifice but also a celebration of peace. I am just Sorry but this was not The War to End All Wars and i Pray that someday very Soon our world will be united in harmony.

For me the Poppy signifies so much. The Red , The Blood for the serving Men and Women. The Black the Eyes That Wept and the Green fresh new beginnings. 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

North Wales Crabbing, Houses and a Whole load of Fun : )

 Thursday of Half Term saw us head up to Conwy North Wales, Here we did Crabbing for the First time Kellyn Caught the first crab.
 We spend a few hours doing this we looked allot at the crabs we caught looking at they body and just watching them. I hasten to add none of them were hurt we didn't use hooks and all were let go again after
 We then had a lovely walk around the town and also got some lunch, which we eat at the front. Next we drove down to my most favorite place on earth Betwys-Y-Coed. Here we had to go on the train, it was Arrianna's first Train Journey so it was even more special. Here Arrianna was holding the train ticket and for the first time ever she put it in ehr mouth she has never put anything in her mouth unaided so i was chuffed to bits.

 Also while we were he we visited the Ugly house and its beautiful gardens the children loved exploring here we had loads of fun.

Arrianna at 8 Months

Arrianna is now 8 months old. She is doing so well she has so much determination to succeed in what she wants to do. After months and Months of work with her, She has put something in her own mouth recently for the first time. Arrianna has recently been on lots of adventures throughout half term she loves having her older Brother and Sister around she gets lots of attention she has also even had her first pick and mix ( Bag of Sweets) when we all went into town recently which was very exciting. She is still no where near ready to yet but we are doing lots to help her with this and hopefully we will be getting close to it real soon. The next 2 weeks we have lots of appointments once again so Arrianna will be living in the car (it feels that way sometimes ).

Llangollen Half Term Visit

We spent a little time in Llangollen recently, There is so much to do here including the trains, Canal shops as well as this being home to one of the Severn Wonders of Wales which is the Bridge which now carries the road over the river.

Rays Farms - Bridgenorth Shropshire

Well What can i say but Fabulous i was just so impressed with the trip. Rays Farm located just outside Bridgenorth Shropshire had been on our list for quite some time. So off we went this week. 
On arrival we were greeted by a very helpful and informative member of staff who answered the children s questions and issued us with our map.
Firstly we looked around the animals, these include Red Squirrels and a very large collection of Owls Arrianna loved them. As we headed into the woods the children were keen to start the walk hoping to spot their favorite Nursery Rhyme Character. Having Checked the web site at home i was a little surprised, The website stated that the site was wheelchair friendly, though there are footpaths all around the site, It is located up and down very steep banks, not for the faint hearted, lol as i was on my own with 3 children who are very small and needing the pushchair too one point was very scary getting Ceienna and Arrianna down safely but we managed as ever. After wondering around the woods, we finished looking around the animals including more Owls Deer and Reindeer. Finally we headed off to the park for Lunch and a play, The playground here is well made and i was very impressed also there is an indoor toddler area, we didn't go there as it was such a nice day and as Kellyn is getting so big now he forgets he is alot bigger than a toddler.

Over all we had the most wonderful time and both the  children have asked to go back there which i am sure we will be doing very soon.