Saturday, 29 October 2011

North Wales Crabbing, Houses and a Whole load of Fun : )

 Thursday of Half Term saw us head up to Conwy North Wales, Here we did Crabbing for the First time Kellyn Caught the first crab.
 We spend a few hours doing this we looked allot at the crabs we caught looking at they body and just watching them. I hasten to add none of them were hurt we didn't use hooks and all were let go again after
 We then had a lovely walk around the town and also got some lunch, which we eat at the front. Next we drove down to my most favorite place on earth Betwys-Y-Coed. Here we had to go on the train, it was Arrianna's first Train Journey so it was even more special. Here Arrianna was holding the train ticket and for the first time ever she put it in ehr mouth she has never put anything in her mouth unaided so i was chuffed to bits.

 Also while we were he we visited the Ugly house and its beautiful gardens the children loved exploring here we had loads of fun.

Arrianna at 8 Months

Arrianna is now 8 months old. She is doing so well she has so much determination to succeed in what she wants to do. After months and Months of work with her, She has put something in her own mouth recently for the first time. Arrianna has recently been on lots of adventures throughout half term she loves having her older Brother and Sister around she gets lots of attention she has also even had her first pick and mix ( Bag of Sweets) when we all went into town recently which was very exciting. She is still no where near ready to yet but we are doing lots to help her with this and hopefully we will be getting close to it real soon. The next 2 weeks we have lots of appointments once again so Arrianna will be living in the car (it feels that way sometimes ).

Llangollen Half Term Visit

We spent a little time in Llangollen recently, There is so much to do here including the trains, Canal shops as well as this being home to one of the Severn Wonders of Wales which is the Bridge which now carries the road over the river.

Rays Farms - Bridgenorth Shropshire

Well What can i say but Fabulous i was just so impressed with the trip. Rays Farm located just outside Bridgenorth Shropshire had been on our list for quite some time. So off we went this week. 
On arrival we were greeted by a very helpful and informative member of staff who answered the children s questions and issued us with our map.
Firstly we looked around the animals, these include Red Squirrels and a very large collection of Owls Arrianna loved them. As we headed into the woods the children were keen to start the walk hoping to spot their favorite Nursery Rhyme Character. Having Checked the web site at home i was a little surprised, The website stated that the site was wheelchair friendly, though there are footpaths all around the site, It is located up and down very steep banks, not for the faint hearted, lol as i was on my own with 3 children who are very small and needing the pushchair too one point was very scary getting Ceienna and Arrianna down safely but we managed as ever. After wondering around the woods, we finished looking around the animals including more Owls Deer and Reindeer. Finally we headed off to the park for Lunch and a play, The playground here is well made and i was very impressed also there is an indoor toddler area, we didn't go there as it was such a nice day and as Kellyn is getting so big now he forgets he is alot bigger than a toddler.

Over all we had the most wonderful time and both the  children have asked to go back there which i am sure we will be doing very soon.

Pistyll Rhaeadr The highest waterfall in Wales nr Llanrhaeadr YM

The beginning of the Holidays saw us visit Pistyll Rhaeadr this is the highest waterfall in wales and also one of the Severn wonders of Wales and once you get there its not had to see why. Here the children love watching the water at the falls as well as paddling in the stream lower down. This is a very relaxing place to visit.

Ellesmere October 2011

Recently we had Great fun Walking in Ellesmere the Dogs loved it jumping in and out the mere chasing sticks and playing ball. Afterwards we settled down for a picnic. We had the most wonderful time. Afterwards we headed into the town of Ellesmere to have a look around the shops, We love Ellesmere its a pretty little Market Town set in the heart of Shropshire with Access to most of the surrounding areas.

Bala Lake Wales Welly padding Chips and More

The beginning of the holidays saw us head out the the beautiful Bala Lake, We had so much fun paddling in our wellington boots and skimming stones across the water. It was such a lovely day together.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Welly Walk - Play Group

Recently we went on a little trip with playgroup, We went on a welly walk. Ceienna was set tasks to complete  and given a bag to collect items she had to find. The event went down well as there were lots there, it was a lovely autumn day just perfect not to hot not to cold. We took in the views of the beautiful surrounding countryside as we made our way to a lovely garden of a nearby house. The girls had a great time Ceienna off playing with her friends, Arrianna lapping up the attention and me enjoying a coffee and a natter with my friends before returning to school to pick up my main man.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Photo's From Our Family Photo Shot

You may remember earlier in the year we had a photo shoot down of our family here are a selection of my favorite photos. im looking forward to having these on display around our new home. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Scavenger Hunt at Rhiwargor waterfall, lake Vyrnwy

 After nursing two poorly children for the last few days it was great to get out of the house with them loads better and ready for some adventures again. Kellyn and Ceienna took their buckets and we headed off on a scavenger hunt.
 We had a lovely wonder along the Rhiwargor waterfall trail, its totally beautiful here. We also got to try out Arrianna's Special Needs Buggy off Road. This suits her needs really well and i am very grateful to our friend for the buggy.

 Arrianna loves being out doors especially where she can watch tree's she gets very excited by them.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

October Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Today is the Start of Downs Syndrome Awareness Month, I suggest to everyone to take 1 hour to research Downs Syndrome, Discuss it with Friends and Family or on Facebook. If you have questions please don't be afraid to Ask me. 

Its hard to believe Arrianna is now 7 months old, I look at her now and i don't see my baby who has Downs Syndrome, i look at her and i see her Beautiful as ever, i even have days now where i don't even think about Downs Syndrome. We as a family are very lucky Arrianna has coped well with her condition and every time Arrianna needs to archive another milestone she fights with sheer determination to succeed. Downs Syndrome effects Arrianna in a number of ways, She has very little upper body strength which means she is unable to support herself in a sitting position, When in her pushchair she can not sit up. She still had dried skin on her feet and struggles with her body temperature. This weeks heat wave has troubled Arrianna deeply as she has been getting very hot even when stripped off. On the other end of the scale when the weather is cold Arrianna will turn blue with cold. This week she has been unable to sleep making me a very tired Mummy, Being a single Mum i carry everything on my shoulders myself. As well as caring for Arrianna and my other Children i have a house to run. I am slowly learning i cant do everything but i think i manage quite well on my own.  I have done lots of work with Arrianna to get her to use her hands this she is doing really well now and is mastering control of her hands at the moment, Balls have been invaluable for doing this. I cant believe how lucky i have been to have Arrianna, Every morning i go to her Cot and every morning she greats me with a huge Smile.  Arrianna is well known for her Beautiful Smile and special baby talk. We are so lucky. Below are some Links where you can find out more about Arrianna's Condition.