Sunday, 26 February 2012

Happy 1st birthday princess

This weekend we have celebrated arrianna's birthday, she had a lovely tea party at home with family and friends on Saturday and today we have been out and about having lots of fun with big bro and big sis.

Big thank you to everyone for presents cards and messages wishing arrianna a happy birthday big hug to you all. Arrianna loved all her presents.

Friday, 10 February 2012

I Get it Mum : )

Well what a week I spent 2 days away from my wonderful children this week as i headed off to do a makaton course, The hardest thing was to walk through the door with out my precious baby in my arms, to tell the truth i was lost, poor Duke was standing at the car door waiting to be let in, and after a little persuasion was lead back into the house sad eyes looking at me.Driving off leaving my family behind was the hardest part of the next 2 days. I then started an intensive course training in Makaton, I loved every minute We were taught many signs as well teaching the signs and how to use Makaton symbols to help children with learning difficulties to learn to read. Amazing.

After my training and i was back with my wonderful little girl, we were playing with a jigsaw, it was an alperbet jigsaw and i was showing her the signs for those letters. Arrianna was taking everything in and looking at her hand trying to copy. After a while she not only learnt to stick up her thumb for her name but she was also trying to place the jigsaw pieces in the holes. I was amazed. Not bad for a an 11 month old little girl, who when born was told she will take years before she will be able to do anything. I was so chuffed with her.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It is hard to believe Arrianna is now 11 months old. I look at her with Pride in my Heart she is wonderful. She smile, Her happiness is contagious, She has a Routine from the Minute she wakes to the second she sleeps at night. My totally perfect baby girl. We are having a few problems with the cold, it is effecting Arrianna, making her hands and feet turn blue, i spent the weekend just gone trying to find her Hat and gloves and anything else that will protect her, Apart from this she is doing so well, She eats well though she has to be constantly observed because she chokes very easily, Arrianna is always very excited at meal times, Though i am still breastfeeding her she is also having Formula Milk, At the moment we are investigating why she has an intollarence or certain milk. As a Mum i know my daughter, i Know her needs, i know what suits her and what doesn't, I along with many other parents who are currently in my position and those who have been here in the past, We all have one Request to professionals PLEASE LISTEN TO US AS PARENTS, WE SPEND 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK WITH OUR CHILDREN, OUR VIEWS NEED TO BE HEARD AND RESPECTED.