Saturday, 1 October 2011

October Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Today is the Start of Downs Syndrome Awareness Month, I suggest to everyone to take 1 hour to research Downs Syndrome, Discuss it with Friends and Family or on Facebook. If you have questions please don't be afraid to Ask me. 

Its hard to believe Arrianna is now 7 months old, I look at her now and i don't see my baby who has Downs Syndrome, i look at her and i see her Beautiful as ever, i even have days now where i don't even think about Downs Syndrome. We as a family are very lucky Arrianna has coped well with her condition and every time Arrianna needs to archive another milestone she fights with sheer determination to succeed. Downs Syndrome effects Arrianna in a number of ways, She has very little upper body strength which means she is unable to support herself in a sitting position, When in her pushchair she can not sit up. She still had dried skin on her feet and struggles with her body temperature. This weeks heat wave has troubled Arrianna deeply as she has been getting very hot even when stripped off. On the other end of the scale when the weather is cold Arrianna will turn blue with cold. This week she has been unable to sleep making me a very tired Mummy, Being a single Mum i carry everything on my shoulders myself. As well as caring for Arrianna and my other Children i have a house to run. I am slowly learning i cant do everything but i think i manage quite well on my own.  I have done lots of work with Arrianna to get her to use her hands this she is doing really well now and is mastering control of her hands at the moment, Balls have been invaluable for doing this. I cant believe how lucky i have been to have Arrianna, Every morning i go to her Cot and every morning she greats me with a huge Smile.  Arrianna is well known for her Beautiful Smile and special baby talk. We are so lucky. Below are some Links where you can find out more about Arrianna's Condition.


  1. mummy is always there doing a wonderful job with all three children

  2. Thank You So Much, Lovely Kind Words x