Monday, 11 July 2011

Arrianna at 18 Weeks.

Arrianna is now 18 weeks and developing wonderfully. On Thursday we went to our local playgroup and she held a rattle for the first time while joining in at music time. Arrianna loves being around other children especially her own brother and sister, both adore her and she responds very well to them both. Now Arrianna is mobile she is rolling around the floor Kellyn and Ceienna both lie with her talk to her and encouraging her, its just wonderful to see. Both the oldr children enjoy sharing books with Arrianna and in return Arrianna loves to be included.

As well and now being mobile Arrianna has learnt to laugh and giggle this is very infectious you just can not help but to smile when you look at that beautiful little girl smiling up at you. We have lots of visitors now and each one loves coming just to see her smile. It great to work with such a responsive baby. I have been doing a life coaching course recently and when Arrianna is brought to me the whole course stops as each of the other attendants just wants to talk, hold and look at Arrianna which is just wonderful.

School term is coming to an end this week so we will be very busy Kellyn and i have made lots of plans of places we want to show Arrianna. Kellyn has proved to be my golden boy recently after receiving an outstanding report from school i am one very proud parent. Also Ceienna had a excellent report she is taking part in activities aimed well above her age group at he nursery which is fabulous, despite everything these children have been put through but inconsiderate people, They have shine when they have had every right to crumble. i am so proud of all three of them, our future looks so bright now, we have worked hard to put so much behind us and in the process have become very close together as a family. For me as a mother i have realised to much in such a short space of time, regained my strength which was drained out of me from years of abuse and finally regaining self worth. September holds open so many new doors for our family i cant wait to walk through them, but for now bring on the summer holidays and fun, fun, fun all the way for us. Keep checking out our blog for stories of our fab adventures.

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