Saturday, 16 July 2011

What a week this has been Earlier we headed out to Newtown to meet up with our paediatric Consultant to discuss Arrianna's needs and her future, this was a hard thing to talk about especially knowing that things could go wrong very quickly. The Doctor talked me through things i need to be constantly aware of being Arrianna's Carer, This was never going to be an easy conversation but we have no choice than to discuss these things. On a brighter note the Doctor was very impressed by the progress Arrianna has made strengthening her neck muscles and her new ability to roll over, but he have concerns over her low muscle tones in her back and we are now waiting to see the Physio.

Also this Week Arrianna has started on solid food and using a cup. She has done ever so well, even managing to hold the cup herself, though she was laughing quite allot first time making drinking hard. But she has took to solids wonderfully she holds the food in her mouth and despite having an oversized tongue copes wonderfully with her new challenge.

Currently i am working on getting Arrianna to use both hands as she currently favours her right hand she needs to be able to use her left as well. We are doing lots of playing hoping to build her co ordination.

Kellyn and Ceienna have finished School this week and we have already had lots of fun we have been baking and we have also moved our sitting room around creating more space for Arrianna and her equipment we are currently using.

I am currently revamping our ebay shop, i have added a few items which are on sale to raise money for the Downs Syndrome Association. Please check out my ebay shop, New items currently being added daily. 

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