Monday, 14 November 2011

Ironbridge, Museum of Iron & Enginuity

This is a great fun place where you can discover the science behind Ironbridge along with many other things. There are Many Hands on Exhibits here.

While we visited on Sunday we had the best time we have had in ages we just laughed and laughed. One thing i love about being a parent is being able to be a big kid myself, even if we did end up getting a little wet. lol.

Enginuity offers somethign for all ages, even Arrianna's size as they have a soft play area. Arrianna also got excited over the X-ray machine as did i. As inside was a Merrythoughts Teddy Bear, Something i love and collect as and when i find them. As they are made in Ironbridge.

 After a quick lunch break we headed over to the Museum of Iron. Where we Learned the History to Abraham Derby's Discovery and its impact on the Coalbrookdale area. There was also an exhibition on Crystal Place something i feel is a great loss to us, I would have loved to have visited the Great Exhibition in London and seen the latest technology from Around the World. Unfortunately the Crystal Palace was destroyed by Fire a great loss to our world History i feel.  
 Kellyn as ever had lots of Questions so we sat down to watch a short film peace on the Darby family and then we sat and had a good talk answering questions and talking about what we had seen. As it was such a lovely day we wondered over the ground to view the original blast furnace which is preserved under a specially built canopy. Kellyn and Ceienna Found this most interesting. Before heading home we visited the Ironbridge. The children love walking over it so we did. We all had such a wonderful time together and Kellyn was still talking about it days later.

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