Monday, 14 November 2011

We Did It !!!!!!!!!!!! 8 Months Update.

 After months of work. Arrianna has now moved on to being able to put food in her mouth on her own. It has took months of work to teach Arrianna how to put food in her mouth and to get the co ordination right to put food in her mouth but we have now done it. With Arrianna having no natural instinct she has to be taught the most basic of things. She has to be constantly kept a close eye on now as she does not realize when she is pushing something to far into her mouth and choking herself, but still we will get round this given time.  Its lovely to see her determination to succeed when she has her mind set on doing something.

Arrianna is still attending Physio and we are doing daily exercises with her to help build up her strength this is paying off and our next goal is for her to sit up unaided.

Arrianna loves music and responds well to it. I have brought her some musical instruments which she loves to play with as some lights which respond to sound again she loves.

I have started to put lots of updates on her facebook page ( See Links on the side ) to its well worth joining, Arrianna is getting quite a little fan club together.

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