Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Llanymynech Rocks

 Today Arrianna Muzzy our dog and myself headed to Llanymynech Rocks Nature Reserve. This area used to be a limestone quarry up until the First World War but now the land has been reclaimed by nature and provides a wonderful place to walk.

For me it was fabulous to get out and about again. while i was pregnant with Arrianna i suffered from an illness that meant on some days i could not even walk up stairs with out being dizzy and having to stay home sent me into a state of depression as i could not do to things i loved Walking and Photography. But today here we were geared up and ready to go. Muzzy was on his lead which is very unusual but after his recent accident he still is in recovery with his leg and i didnt want to loose him as when he is in pain he sulks and runs away.

 Llanymynech Rocks is a wonderful place to visit if you love walking and history as i do. Dotted around the site are the iron figures shown in the pictures above which along with information boards tell the story of the site when it was in use.

 This is a good place to visit but very bumpy with a pushchair if you take a baby like i took Arrianna you will need a good head hugger and a pushchair with good wheels i use a Mothercare MY4 which handled the terrain well also i would not recommend visiting with young children as it is a hill and steep for little legs and if wet the site is slippery under foot. However the car park is good, its has some bike tracks and for older children lovely to spot plants and birds. 

Hope you enjoy the photos i have took them all myself to of my hobbies in one here, Photography and Walking, what more could a girl ask for.

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