Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wishing All Hard Working under paid Mums everywhere a Very Happy Mothers Day 

A mother can be any size ...or age,
But won't admit to being over thirty.
A mother has soft hands and smells good.
And doesn't like the kids being dirty
Nor having her children sick,
Nor bad report cards nor muddy feet,
Nor temper tantrums, nor loud noise
Nor kids that aren't neat.
A mother likes new dresses and a clean house
Especially the loo,
She likes her children's kisses, an automatic washer
Oh, and Dad, I suppose, too
A mother can bake good cakes and desserts
But spends a lot in the vegetable aisle
A mother can kiss sad little faces
And make them smile.
A mother is underpaid,
Does long hours and gets very little rest.
She worries too much about her children
And wants, for them, the best 
She is the guardian angel of the family
The queen bee,
The tender caring hand .
And is loved, very much..

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