Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sea Life Center Birmingham

Recently we visited the Sea Life Center in Birmingham, This was a treat for Kellyn after doing so well at school recently. It was not an easy trip at first, The center does not have its own Car Park we were directed too was a multi story car park which does not have a lift on every level. After struggling down stairs  with the pushchair its then all on one level.
 There is lots to see there and you can get round here in a morning which does make the entrance fee's expensive making it around  £50.00 for a family. There are some interesting sea life on display here including Sea horse's, Tropical Fish, Ells, Rays and our favorites the Otters and Sharks.
 We all enjoyed the Shark Tunnel it gave Arrianna some thing to look at as the goes right over head. This is a very easy place to visit with pushchairs as its all flat and there is 2 lifts provided, Just a shame about the price.

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