Sunday, 1 May 2011

Week 9 update

Arrianna is now 9 weeks old so i thought it was time for an update. This week its been quite a hard hitting week. Earlier in the week Arrianna and i headed down to Wrexham Hospital once again, Arrianna was very well behaved for these tests today sleeping all the way through, unfortunately the results were not good. Arrianna has glue ear which results in her only having 50% of her hearing in both ears. This may fix itself with time but if not there is a possibly a chance she may need gromits fitted which will be done by surgery, however this may not work.    

A little later in the week we had an appointment at the doctors for Arrianna's medical and her first set of jabs. Unfortunately Arrianna was found to still be more floppy than a baby her age should be and her heart murmur is still there. Also she was give a prescription for her nappy rash which she has had since birth.  She had her jabs she hardly flinched, no surprise after all the needles she has had in her short life . 

So that brings you up to date on a hard week for us both.  


  1. She is looking beautiful ;-)

  2. Veronika had glue ear in both ears, and was pretty much completely deaf. She never had any ear infections, just fluid in her ears, She failed 2 hearing tests around 14 months from memory, had grommets put in, and the following day she started to babble, just baby sounds....bubbub...mummmm...dada etc. But was amazing going from nothing to sounds