Saturday, 11 June 2011

Blitz Hill Victorian Town Ironbridge

 Today the children and i headed into Shropshire and out in Coalbrookdale the birthplace of industry and on of our favorite places to go as myself and Kellyn are very much into our history and today as a special treat we were joined by the children's dad.  We drove through the country taking a beautiful scenic route through the small villages out the ti Ironbridge. We drove past the World famous Ironbridge the first of its kind to be built in the World by Abraham Derby 3rd in 1779.
 Today we were visiting just one of the 14 museums which make up the Ironbridge Attraction, This was Blitz Hill Victorian Town, Today they had a Horses in Harnesses Event on much to our delight being as Ceienna, Myself and their Dad are all lovers of these magnificent creatures. Most of the Shire horses where in all their fine Brass and standing very proud. Ceienna is totally fearless of these animals despite the enormous size compare to our little girl who is now 2 1/2 years old and a very fine Horse girl already able to control most animals on her own.
 We wondered around the Town stopping at every shop or house Ceienna and Kellyn were asking lots of Questions and impressing the staff who are in costume and even to the point the staff were talking about our children and when we met the other staff members they were almost honored to meet Kellyn and Ceienna, giving them an extra special welcome. Kellyn was most impressed with the estate office, as he is interested in engineering and inventing at the moment the was interested to know things were done back then.
 Before Lunch we took part in the highlight of the day, A School lesson, This was just so funny and so much fun. Our family set on the front row, Kellyn listened to everything that he was told and carried out each task. Daddy and i were picked on by the teacher but i had the joy of being told to sit back down cause the teacher was wrong not me, 1 to me i think. It was good for Kellyn ad Ceienna to see how school has changed. Amazingly even Ceienna took on the lessons and despite being small ls fell victim to the school teacher and also Arrianna, who even through the noise of laughing and the cane remained sleeping.
Unfortunately it soon started raining so we grabbed son fab fish and chips and fresh bread before retreating back to the car. The children s Dad had to get back due to work commitments so we dropped him off and headed for home where our fun continued, We all snuggled together and watched a Disney film with lots of yummy treats, totally wonderful day.

Blitz Hill is easy to get around with a pushchair and is friendly for all ages with really helpful informative and patient Staff. There is a fee for car parking on top of entrance fee's, But on the whole we all came away with a big smile.

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