Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers Day 2011 ~ Ironbridge Gorge Shropshire

 Well what can i say, Today was just a perfect family day out. We met up early with the Childrens dad and the children full of beans gave Daddy his gift for Fathers Day, something very special even if i do say so myself, lol. Jumping in the truck we headed off to Car Boot Sales in Shrewsbury and Telford for a change Kellyn and i found some bits we been after for a while,  I love taking Kellyn to Car Boot Sales, he is 4 years old and has an amazing eye for a bargain he has control of his own money and knows what he wants. Being such a wonderful loving lad he even brought presents for his Sister today, Totally sweet lad.
 After our rummage though the boots we headed once again to Ironbridge it was a beautiful sunny day and once again our family is full of happiness delighting in each others company despite a few knock backs. Kellyn at the momnet is well into history and is starting to look into the industrial revolution which of course began, In Shropshire. Ironbridge is a very beautiful place well worth a visit, it is also a World Heritage Site.
 Firstly today we visited the Museum of the goge a small museum explaining about the river its fish  and of course the flooding. After this week took a walk along the River up to the famous Ironbridge built in 1779 by Abraham Derby third this is now engrained on my memory after last weeks lesson in the Victorian school at Blitz Hill. Firstly we took a look at the bridge and the structure itself and after taking some photo's as you do we headed over the bridge stopping for a family photo at the highest point.
 Next we looked the toll house before returning back over the bridhe and settling down for a lovely healthy lunch by the river which Daddy had prepared for us before jumping back in our truck and heading out to Brosley Pipe Works.

 Brosley Pipe works was a very interesting place to visit though it is on the small side though it has been preserved remarkably well. After this short visit we headed back over the borders to the Valley we all call home now.

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