Saturday, 3 December 2011

Asperger syndrome & Us

Kellyn is my Eldest Child, He is also extra special Thanks to his super intelligence. He has a wonderful Head of Knowledge, He has made an intensive study of Dinosaurs, Sharks, Titanic The Solar System and is now starting research on the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen.   He is Currently 5 years old. He recently asked me if he could start blogging which he has, He published his first post on his finding so far, This was thought out and typed himself, He even found the pictures too, using Google.

Kellyn is showing most symptoms of aspergers syndrome, This is a form of autism. Though Kellyn and i have worked hard to bring his symptoms under control occasionally, luckily we both now have the experience of knowing how to hand this. We have a wonderful bond together and we spend lots of time talking feelings and problems through.

With Kellyn's brain working the way it does this means that even though he enjoys attending school now, He still needs more work to do at home to satisfy his passion to learn.This has meant we has begun Home Education once again, But this is shared with school, I work very closely with school now to make sure Kellyn is always 100% happy.

I love doing this work with Kellyn, i also give Ceienna the same work at a lower level too. Its wonderful to help my son controlling his condition, He is undergoing tests at the moment to find the answers, but what ever they turn out to be Kellyn will always continue to amaze though he meets with his outstanding knowledge. Our House is fast becoming a home of Learning, Education and research as i am currently doing a university course myself, for filling a dream and a promise i made to myself when i was pregnant with Arrianna. Watch this space for More Blogs By Kellyn Coming Very Soon.

Below is an Easy Read Link about the Condition:

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