Friday, 2 December 2011

Living with Downs Syndrome 9 Months on

Arrianna is now 9 months old, so i was keen to see where Arrianna's development is taking into consideration, What a typical child would be expected to be achieving by now and what a baby with Downs Syndrome is expected to be doing. But in researching, i thought it would be good for our followers to be taken right back to the beginning.

  • small head (microcephaly)
  • flat face
  • upward slanted eyes
  • single deep crease across the palm of hand, and short fingers
  • wide space between the big toe and second toe
  • hypotonia (low muscle tone)
  • mouth tends to stay open with tongue sticking out
Listed above are some symptoms of Downs Syndrome. 

Arrianna has most of the above symptoms, But she does not let it bother her. She is thriving. She tries everything. Arrianna has a very attentive family around her who will bring her on leaps and bounds. Ceienna plays with her, They very often play shops or cafe's, which is wonderful to see. When playing shops Arrianna is the shop keeper and bashes at the till, Great fun. We are current waiting for a special needs chair which will allow Arrianna to play sitting up, Currently she lies on a cushion on the floor as she still has no upper body strength to support herself nor has she any balance.  Arrianna, also enjoys drawing and painting i have brought her a sketch book to keep her creations in as some really are very cleaver especially for a baby of now 9 months. 

Kellyn loves to read with Arrianna, he lies with her reading book after book to her, as well as sharing his knowledge of her various topics. 

Together we love to sing and dance, We make music, Arrianna especially loves bells. 

Meals times are great fun too as we come to the table as a family to eat and share our day, Arrianna always has a story to tell to, or a comment to make. She is very much part of us. 

The Downs Syndrome is never far away and we never know how it will effect her. As winter draws in this may well make Arrianna poorly, and in deed her off days are currently more frequent. We face a daily battle with her temperature as when she is cold her limbs go blue, but she does not like to have blankets or socks on. Her character and stubbornness is already shining through but as well as this she has determination, Arrianna loves to try out new things and will try to do What Kellyn and Ceienna are doing.  At the moment we have few appointment but in February these will all be starting once again, I am filled with excitement as we prepare to celebrate Arrianna's first year, but sad that i will be seeing my little girl lying in a hospital bed, again. This is the life ahead of us now, but i know that Arrianna will make the most of her life and enjoy ever minute of it. As she goes on Arrianna will make a huge difference to so many people, Already she is known for her beautiful smile. When were go out we see people stair at her, If Arrianna see's them she smiles and laughs which usually brings them over to us and they will always walk away with a wonderful smile themselves, Which is why i see Arrianna as a Beautiful Angel set to us to brighten everyone's world who comes into contact with her.  She sure is a very Special gift, i am so proud of her as i am of all my children. Life is sure going great right now and i know nothing nor no one will ever take that away from us know, Our hearts are full of Joy and happiness and float like balloon int he sky. How Lucky Are WE ????? A Very Gifted Family xxx

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