Thursday, 8 December 2011

Very Special Afternoon

Today was a Special Day. Arrianna went to her first Christmas Party, Both my girls looked so pretty in their dresses.When the Disco started Arrianna was jigging away on my Knee and watching the lights flowing around the floor. Next she played pass the parcel, She loved the wrapping paper and spent the afternoon playing with it. As the sat in the circle she was sitting as she had been for quite some time clamped between my knee's. I loosened my knees and she sat, unaided and perfectly balanced playing with the paper in front of her. I was so happy i had to tell everyone. Next we lined up to see Santa, Arrianna loved it. She took her Present herself and even opened it herself, She was so excited to find a lovely book inside throwing her arms into the air as she does when she is happy, then more wrapping paper even better. \we had a lovely time in great company. Christmas Starts here. : ) 

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  1. When children with special needs learn something new, it's the most amazing thing. I'm glad you had a good time!