Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A New Door Opens

Back in January i made a pledge to change my life i was determined that come next Christmas i was not going to be in the same hole that i was in then. So i started a new blog Georgie's Ramblings to record my journey and also there was so much more i wanted to blog about but it was not appropriate to use Arrianna's Blog. Though we suffered a slight glitch at the beginning for the year and in February, This empowered us to move on even more.  We Now have the most wonderful new house which is mine and the children's, closing the door of our new house was wonderful it felt like had left all the bad times behind us and now we are loving life here. This is a most wonderful family home, we have so many plans and we can finally live our dreams with out worrying about anyone else. Finally we have something we have always dreamed of our very own happy family home. We are working together making it exactly how myself and the children want it. We discuss everything for the house together, its wonderful, We have never been so happy. In future this blog will be about Arrianna's development but there will be loads more on my other blog including Facts, stories, news items, reviews and anything else i find along the way. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WONDERFUL LIFE. Done forget Everyone can also follow my tweets on Twitter as i am now a regular user thesalopgirl is my twitter name. See You around watch us flying high now : )

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