Sunday, 18 March 2012

On the Road Again

Arrianna and i have spent most of our week on the road dashing to and from appointments. But i has been a positive week.

Tuesday, Arrianna had portage for the first time, Maninly form filling, catching up and sharing toy ideas but it was a very positive meeting, We have a few areas which we need to work on to help Arrianna with her development but nothing to serious. 

Wednesday, We headed to Wrexham, Here was had an appointment with Audiology, Doing a hearing test on Arrianna is difficult because she has a short attention span and also get annoyed if she can not move about and do her own thing. However, Mainly due to the glue ear which Arrianna has had since birth, The audiologist felt she had moderate hearing loss and gave me a choice, Surgery or hearing Aids. Well Knowing the devastation that surgery can cause, and how poorly it could make her afterwards, i opted for the Hearing Aids, which she will have fitted soon. Hopefully this will help her with her development. It was a fight to get this far, as many had not believed me that Arrianna had a hearing problem, but being deaf myself to me it was plain to see. so it was in a way a minor victory for us. 

Thursday, Arrianna and i heading into Wales a bit more for the physiotherapy appointment, Arriannas therapist was amazed but how strong Arrianna has become and gave us the next stage of excises. We spent a bit of time training me on how to do them moves with her and we were given equipment to help her with this.

Thursday afternoon, we headed to Playgroup. Arrianna loves to go here, she now has many friends who love to play and cuddle her and Arrianna loves the attention. 

Well thats a bit of an update for you, We have many things going on here at the moment, hence the blog being a bit quite, will tell you more soon. 

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