Thursday, 31 March 2011

This week has already seen Arrianna going back into Shrewsbury Hospital twice this week. Monday we visited for routine tests having blood and urine tests once again. As she now has a beautiful skin colour i thought when the results came through we would get an all clear. On Tuesday the whole family was excited, We had recently been given the most wonderful opportunity thanks to meeting a lovely lady Julie through twitter we had a family Photo shoot, It was the most amazing experience and we all loved it Kellyn especially and the photographs of him look stunning Julie really captured him at his best a very out standing handsome little lad who i am very proud of. I highly recommend her for all kinds photography work even pets take a look at her site she is also on facebook . We all went to bed so happy after a wonderful time together.

Wednesday morning i got the call from the hospital, It was really hard for me to understand the Doctor talking to me on the other end but as she did i froze, Arrianna needed to return to Hospital the next morning for further tests the rest of the conversation i didn't really understand, so i spent the next 24 hours in a daze waiting for the next day. As Thursday came and we headed once again to the Hospital, We walked in and it was like visiting friends the nurses are getting to know Arrianna and myself well now. Each appointment i attend Arrianna and i always go alone so we get to talk the staff quite well. It did not take long today, Arrianna once again need to have blood and urine taken, Today i armed myself in my head with a list of questions. I was told Arrianna had problems with her Thyroid, Once again i am now awaiting for test result. 


  1. Hi, Kylee Veronika Anne's Mum. Just been reading your blog. You are doing a wonderful job with Arrianna. Give yourself a big pat on the back. Veronika will be 3 next month, it has gone so fast. My advice to you is enjoy every day, which it seems like you are. Only the tough Downs Babies survive, so we are lucky to have our Princesses. Veronika was and continues to be a poor feeder. I expressed to she was almost 9 months old. She drank from a haberman feeder, a special bottle that she just had to chomp on, instead of sucking. She used that to she could manage a 'normal' teat at around 4 months. Veronika has seen a speech therapist since she was a week old to help with her feeding. If you ever have any questions just message me. Cheers Kylee. PS was wondering how you came across my blog, i gather you live in the UK?

  2. Hello How lovely to hear from you. Its fabulous being Arrianna's Mummy i am highly privileged to have had her. I do live in the Uk im on the Shropshire Wales border i came across your blog when i was researching it may have been in facebook but cant exactly remember if you would like to stay in touch my email is