Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pendine Sands & Museum of Speed

What a Totally WONDERFUL evening we spent at Pendine Sands. Firstly we headed to the Museum of Speed. I always remember my Dad taking me to see this when i was little, while Mum stayed on the beach when i was little so it was fab to return and show my own Children Years later. We walked around the Museum Discussing the History of Pendine Sands and the the Story of BABs. Kellyn as ever had lots of Questions and loved every minute of it. 

Next we got the Dogs out of the car and made our way down the beach and into the sea. There was very few people on the beach so we let the dogs off the lead and we all ran wild and free enjoying a beautiful warm evening diving in and out of the sea jumping the waves. There were lots of special things we found on the beach , including sea shells i have never seen before. I then got very told off by Kellyn for not bringing him Shell book so he could research then there and then. We have since sat with his book to name them. 

Reluctantly we then left beach to get a lovely chippy supper. 

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