Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Special Day

Today i witnessed something wonderful. As some of you know Arrianna chooses not to use her hands, She only uses them to grip on to someone finger, Well Today I was doing her physio with her with Muzzy lying by her side. Arrianna gripped hold of muzzy so tightly she would not let go. This was wonderful that she had decided herself to do that. Arrianna responds so well to all animals, Horses included, i have to be especially careful with her around horses as more than one occasion we have had horses lowering their head to her. It is wonderful to see Arrianna developing her own personality, She is best outdoors, Here is she happy, She watches birds and trees, It is amazing to see just how much she changes when we are out and about.

We are also lucky to have Muzzy in out family when he came to us he was so small. Ceienna was 3 months old and Muzzy was small enough to fit in her pushchair with her. As he grew he then went under the pushchair in the Shopping basket, When he was smaller while we went walking if he grew tired he would just hop into the basket, Caused Many laughs.

This Week, Arrianna and i will be spending it in various Hospital and Doctors as we have a week of appointments ahead. Currently i am fighting for her to have a more support Pushchair, She is so happy in her new Chair she has in the house and is a totally different little girl in it as she is able to have more independence She is quite high up and loves babbling away while i carry on with chores in the Kitchen. I feel it is only right she should have the same comfort and security while out and about as well, so i will keep you posted on the fight we have just begun.

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