Sunday, 18 September 2011

 This week has been a mad week we have been dashing around all over he place with different appointments for Arrianna. She has visited our lovely physiotherapist who is very happy with her development Arrianna was given various toys to play with she loved every one and responded well to the special needs toys placed in front of her. The most remarkable thing has happend she has started to use her hands to play which is wonderful to see. She especially likes to play with Balls and shares toys with her older brother and Sister now. Unfortunately she still is unable to use her hands for eating but this will come in time.
 As you can see her head control is much better and she is learning to told herself up now too, another wonderful achievement for her, Arrianna is loving to explore her world around her and she is able to communicate well too and babbles recognisable noises too. She continues to thrive which is totally fab news for all of us who love and care for her. 

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