Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Arrianna's First Christmas

 Arrianna's First Christmas was full of firsts. This is the first Christmas i have done on my own with out the help of their dad. It was hard in my heart not having him by my side just to talk to and ask if our children would like the particular present i was buying or to put his finger on the wrapping paper while i got the tape, Just the simple little things made me miss him being there, but still i did it, all the presents were wrapped and the children had everything they wanted and more. I was so impressed with the Christmas decorations this year especially the tree was my greatest success. Arrianna loved ripping off the paper and trowing it around and spent most of the day playing with the paper.

Boxing day our home was opened up to our family, another first was me cooking the dinner for the first time ever, I brought all the meat and vegetables from a local farm and the difference was amazing.  I did a choice of Beef or turkey but Everyone tried both, Arrianna especially liked the beef. Even though i had family around the dinner was a heart wrencher, For the last 6 years the children s dad had always done our Christmas Dinner, he was always very good around the house, Though we did have him part time through Christmas  it made me realize how much we all miss him, spending Christmas nights alone is terribly lonely. Still we had a lovely time with our family, it was great to spend that time together opening presents and the children all playing together. The girls looked totally stunning in their Pretty dresses, i was so proud of them all.

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