Sunday, 15 January 2012

today has been a lovely day despite my girls being under the weather we still had a lovely day. Ceienna was awake most of the night so she was cuddled up with me all night. As morning broke we were join by Kellyn and Arrianna, Arrianna still has a cough and cold, but is loads better. Today she has been getting excited and smiling once more which was wonderful seeing her back to her normal self was wonderful. Even though we not been anywhere nor done anything it was nice to spend time in the children s world. Talking about things they like Ceienna and i talked about Peter Rabbit, a current favorite with my girls and Kellyn has a major interest in Titanic and Sherlock Holmes at the moment. He was also showing me how good he is on the DS, very impressive. Due to the way his brain works getting games for him is hard as he completes them very quickly. Its nice to see this house back to smiles, fun laughter and valuing each other.

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