Saturday, 14 January 2012

Unfortunately Arrianna is poorly at the moment with a Chest Infection, At 12:09 As the sounds of Fireworks echoed around the village where we live, i jumped out of bed to the sound of Arrianna lying in her cot struggling to breath.  The sound was horrible, i struggling between knowing what was best to do to help her and no panicking. Kellyn and Ceienna were sleeping in my bed that night, It seconds felt like hours waiting for Arrianna to breath again, My heart pounding i grabbed Arrianna out of her cot, Lucky picking her up was enough to start her breathing again, but i could see she was struggling. I wanted to put her in the Car and take her straight to Hospital, but i am a single mum and i had two other children asleep upstairs, i never felt so scared and alone. I just didnt know what to do and i was fighting not to panic and stay in control. Making Arrianna comfortable on the sofa i grabbed the phone, ill never forget the look in her eyes i could see how afraid she was and she was cliggling hold of me not wanting to let go. I called Shrop Doc and explained to the call handler what had happened and made clear that She Has Down Syndrome only to be told " What has this to Do With It " it took me a few seconds to stay calm before i could answer, i stayed by the phone waiting hour after after for a reply, but did not get one, the next thing Kellyn was coming down stairs so i gave up waiting for the doctor to call. Arrianna was poorly but was now breathing normally. A few times through that day she was struggling again as i stayed up by her side most of the night cat napping here and there and was on the phone to the Doctor the next morning for an emergency appointment. it was such a relief. She is now on the mend im not used to my children being ill for so long, but i guess this is one difference with Arrianna which add's to Arrianna being Special.

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