Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone

Well Happy New Year Everyone.
As normal we took our decorations down on New Years eve, i never feel happy having the decorations up for a new year.

Once again New year brought sadness to our family and all the plans we had made for New Year disappeared very quickly and our hearts turned to ice once more. Still to try to cheer up the children, We grabbed loads of treats and headed for our safe place, Mummy's bed, we snuggle together and watched a Dvd. It was so important for us to be together and to be close. The children slept in my bed that night, they need to feel safe.

As Midnight hit, i was woken up to the sounds of Arrianna gasping for breath, It was the most horrible sound , i was so scared. As i grabbed her from her cot she took a deep breath and clung on to me with all her might, she was so scared to, She needed lots of reassuring that she was ok. I spent the next 3 hours holding her hand, her chest sounding terrible, but she was settling.

We spent New Years day having some simple fun, The girls and i played with Ceienna's New horses she had for Christmas, Then later we got out the play dough, we made characters, which was fun and again wanted lots of films together and spent lots of time talking things through as both Kellyn and Ceienna had heads full of Questions.

I have made a wish list for this Family this year there is lots on it, I am determined that this year will be so much fun for us, full of memories. I have been told the Children dont have fun with me, Well watch this space this year, 2011 showed me how much i could achieve, the best thing i did was life coaching. Our family was blessed with the birth of my beautiful little girl Arrianna, This has completely changed me and my life, I have met and made so many wonderful friends who i value. and the best memory i will take away is Camping with the children at Elan Valley and touring Mid Wales. This year 2012, i aim to do more touring, make more friends and just live life to the full, no more excuses not to do something but to just get out there and do it. No i am better from my depression life is beautiful, Every morning starts with a amazing smile from Arrianna and though i may be alone and i may be a single mum, i am going to achieve so much this year cause i want to see just how much we can achieve no matter what happens. 

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