Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Another Hospital Stay

Arrianna has recently spent another spell in hospital. She originally went in for a repeat urine sample but she was not feeding well and nothing coming out the other end, she also had not yet regained her birth weight. After a mad dash home to collect clothes and things we needed for our stay and pack things for Kellyn and Ceienna  we then went back onto the children's ward where we were shown to our room. IT was a nice room this time with a TV and a nice view. Arrianna was then placed under observation, she had lots of checks every few hours day and night. We were given 2 days to get her feeding back to normal or she would need a Feeding tube fitted. she was currently only taking 30ml the doctors advised Arrianna needed to be having a minimum of 62ml per feed, she was also once again very yellow. The following day we started to sort everything out for her i was given a hospital breast pump once again so i was able to keep expressing milk for her. Arrianna once again was needing 3 hour feeds. Luckily her feeding picked up and once again she was feeding 100ml again and was then well on the mend. We were kept in 4 days to get her weight up make sure she was feeding well. While there we shared some wonderful moments. As her energy levels went back up she was once again very responsive and we shared a great time copying each other making faces and noises she also grabbed and kept hold of something for the first time this happened to be my locket which i now wear with pride. Also we managed to Breastfeed for 20 minutes continually this was a wonderful achievement. Now Arrianna is back home where she belongs making up the dream team with myself Kellyn her Big Brother and Ceienna her sister and Muzzy the dog. 

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