Friday, 25 March 2011

Breast Feeding Advice

After successfully feeding to very greedy babies in the past while pregnant i never dreamed there would be any problems in the future i always loved breast feeding it was the one thing no one else could do for my baby only mummy would do. that wonderful feeling of closeness between mother and baby. Both Kellyn and Ceienna began feeding with in minutes of birth so after having Arrianna and her not being able to feed it was hard, as through out the pregnancy i had dreamed of that closeness once again. Due to Arrianna's condition she is unable to feed direct from me it is very hard work for her due to having weak jaw mussels and when she was born Arrianna did not know how to open her mouth this is one of the first things i taught her with no help or guidance just me sitting with her n our own through trial and error.  

To feed Arrianna now she has to have expressed breast milk from a bottle with a big treat hole while enables me to drop the milk into her. Through our most recent stay in hospital i was introduced to a breast feeding nurse, a lovely and very helpful lady to showed me some new holds for Arrianna The dancer position unfortunately these have not worked for Arrianna so i continue to do my own thing giving Arrianna time to play with the breast this allows her to work out for herself how wide she now needs to open her mouth and that she has to maintain suction to help make she Arrianna does not get frustrated with herself i make it into a game and it becomes fun time where we sing and have cuddles  and slowly she is getting better i hope that one day we shall be able to ditch the bottles.

My advice to other mums who are breast feeding or considering it is go for it the experience is beautiful. The day after having Kellyn my eldest i was back working in the garages with my boy i shall always remember breast feeding him on the left side while de-stickering a van for a customer with my right hand. Yes there were men around and i never bothered i just reminded them that they were breast fed once. Enjoy it. 

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