Sunday, 6 March 2011

Were on our way Home.

The word you can go were like music as it was getting late the hospital gave me my tea one last insult to my digestive system, lol ( Pictured below my last Hospital Meal ) 

 It didnt take me long to pack and Grandad soon arrived to pick us up. the Midwife completed our paper work and found a breast pump as i needed one to maintain Arrianna's feeding routine.  I was alos given lots of leaflets on Downs Syndrome to read. It felt great walking through the Hospital corridors and out into the fresh air with my wonderful baby girl. We strapped Arrianna's seat in and we were off. I texted Nanny those wonderful word Were on our way. We arrived at Nanny's house and i dived out the car, First i incountered Muzzy Dog he could not ait to get into his box ready for the journey home. Next i opened the door and time stood still as there in front of me stood my wonderful Daughter Ceienna. I swooped her up in my arms and didnt want to let her go. Next i saw Kellyn and together the 3 of us hugged and hugged and just didnt want to let each other go. I asked them if they wanted to come home and of course they did, they were out the door and in the car before anyone had a second thought. Kellyn and Ceienna thought their new sister was the best thing in the world they were so happy Kellyn insisted on sitting by her and we were oon on our way home. As we traveled home Kellyn and i caught up on a weeks news he told me about school and asked me questions on his sister, He loved her name and said it was Beautiful but he wants to call her Rose, His Special name for her, this he does. He also made me promise that i would never let anyone nasty by her and of course i had to agree, he also reminded me of our Family Circle and how no one must ever brake it as we have a special girl in it now. When we arrived home it was very late and after more hugs and questions both Kellyn and Ceienna were very tired and headed off to bed, very proud of their new sister.

Afterward i had to learn to get to grips of the new Breast Pump it was very vintage compared with the one i had used in hospital but soon did it and expressed a further 300ml of fresh Breast milk for my baby girl .

the next job was to get on the computer and get reserching i had to find my own breast pump bottles and more for Arrianna i shopped around online looking for the best prices first stop ebay nothing there was a decent price of i hit the high streets Mothercare, Argos, Toys r us, boots i had to compare everything as this was a huge wedge out of my weekly budget. Eventually i settled on Argos and ordered the items ready for the next day.

I then felt like i was diving into treacle as i typed those words into the search banner,  DOWNS SYNDROME ASSOCIATION it seemed to take ages and i was just flicking through pages nothing really sinking in web site after web site i looked through nothing satisfyingly my curiosity, looking at the clock it was 4 am just enough time to get some sleep before Kellyn woke up. I pick Arrianna up in my arms and my heart stopped as we made the magical journey up the stairs and i layed her down in her moses basket which had sat by my bed waiting for her for so long now. it was a wonderful feeling.

Just getting myself comfortable i heard Kellyns door open he came in and got in my bed wide awake i knew this could only mean one thing from my son, He wanted to talk, i was right question after question came from him it was like he knew i had not told him everything about his sister, i could not keep it in any more and i heard myself say " Arrianna is Special she isn't like you or me, She will need us to help her lots and to teach her things"  Kellyn looked into my eyes and smiled " We can do that Mummy" then off he toddled down stairs. My son knows me far to well.

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