Monday, 7 March 2011

Arrianna Is Now Official

After Dropping off Kellyn and Ceienna at school today i headed off into town to register her birth. The assistant informed me that you needed and appointment but there was a space an hour later so i took it and headed off to the library, i asked for some books for children on Downs Syndrome and the Library Assistant asked me why i wanted them so i explained that i had just had Arrianna and wanted to use the books with my other children. She them informed me she too had a son with Downs Syndrome, I had met my first Downs Mummy we had a good chat and it was wonderful to hear about everything her son had achieved. She was very helpful. I burnt some time in town doing a few little jobs which i needed to get round too and then it was back to the register office.

Arrianna and i didnt have to wait long for the clark, She took us into the same room where i registers Ceienna when she was born, as i walked through the door and was hit with a brick of emotion, i sat in the chair and with in a few seconds it seemed i run through the happiness which was in the room when Ceienna was born lots of smiles Jokes and pride over our daughter. Now i was in the same room registering the birth of my second daughter alone, how things change.

After all the official stuff was over the clark gave me advice over Arrianna's Downs Syndrome and  getting the help and support for the future. I had just enough time to dash back to the car and pick up my wonderful baby.

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