Sunday, 27 March 2011

Walford Lambing Day 2011

After going around the car boot sales this morning an achievement i was very proud of, we headed to Walford College, an agricultural college based just out side Shrewsbury, For me today was very exciting as i attended this college when i studied Motor Vehicle Service and Repair after leaving school, i also took welding and a few other courses here. These were fabulous times after having a horrible school life after being constantly bullied for being deaf and wearing hearing aids. Walford was the first time i made friends and enjoyed each day being there. Today it i boiled with pride walking around with my 3 fabulous Children. The college has seen many changes since i was there. The site where i did Quad riding and Tractor driving is now home to an animal centre housing pigs lamas goats and lots more animals. We are a family of animal lovers so it was great to go and see there lovely animals. next we went over to the farm and into the lambing pens there was lambs here just born Kellyn and Ceienna found them adorable at this point there were 2 beautiful blue eyes peering from under a blanket Arrianna was looking what the noise was she seemed amazed by these new born lambs too. last stop was the calves Ceienna's favourite animals has always been cows one calf actually came up to her she was so pleased it made her day. As it had been another early start my 3 babies were getting tired and hungry so we headed back to the car and made for home for chill time. 

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