Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hospital Visit :- Prolonged Jaundice Screening

This week saw Arrianna back in Shrewsbury Hospital on the Children's Ward this week, due to her condition we were once again but into a side room. She was stripped off ready for the tests to begin. Now Arrianna is over 2 weeks old there is growing concerns over her Jaundice, After two weeks babies are expected to be recovering from jaundice and also they are expected to have regained their birth weight, unfortunately Arrianna's jaundice levels are rising and also her weight is slow.

We arrived at the hospital at 2pm, when the doctor was available the doctor and a nurse came to take Arrianna's blood they placed a needle in bot arms and legs looking for a vein, they were unable to find one so Arrianna was moved to the treatment room., I wrapped her in hospital blankets and carried her down the corridor into a dull room decorated for children with medical instruments all over the room. I Placed my baby on the bed in the middle of the room and i was given a chair, due to lack to staff i had to help hold Arrianna down all this time i had to watch out for Arrianna having a wee as they staff needed a urine sample, Once again the doctor placed needles into Arrianna's arms her right arm was first once again she did not bleed very much and she had to have a needle placed into her other arm drop by drop i watched the little blood which did come out be placed into the tube. This experience was like torture to me the whole thing last for half and hour all  this time she was crying as hard as she could, i wanted to scream at the doctor to stop but i knew she need to have this done, all i could do is hold her hand and talk to her. Unfortunately i also missed her weeing too. I was unable to communicate with the doctor and nurse as i was unable to hear them all i could hear was my beautiful baby girl screaming for help, once the treatment had finished i picked her up in my arms and gave her the biggest cuddle as she felt me near her again she stopped crying it was the greatest feeling knowing that the baby in my arms needed me and no one else would do.

We were then sent back to our room, the nurse came in and cleaned up Arrianna's bum again and we once agian waited for a Urine sample. it was now 3: 30pm, i watched the clock tick round as i waited and waited for her to wee. I felt to sorry for her once again she was blood stained and naked in a hospital bed. She was holding tight to my hand as she lay in front of me i could see how scared she was looking deep into her eyes of what else was going to happen to her. I gave her her dummy and helped her to suck once again and talked to her to comfort her and she eventually fell a sleep. It was a very lonely few hours with Doctors coming in and out asking me lots of questions about feeding, Nappies and her dried skin also i was asked lots of questions about the pregnancy and Downs Syndrome.

Eventually at 6:00pm a little fountain broke i was so excited i hit the call bell for the nurse who ran down with the sample. eventually we were discharged once again. We will have to do this all again in 2 weeks time now. We have to work hard at bringing the Jaundice levels down this means i have to feed Arrianna with out fail every 3 hours Day and night When possible i need to place her in sin light and constantly monitor her. So watch this space  as our fight with Jaundice Continues. 

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