Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mad Day March 2011

Today has been a mad day some may even describe today as a roller-coaster day. This morning our Health Visitor called on us to weigh Arrianna once again She weighted 8lb today which is wonderful news as she is now over her birth weight. Even if there was a little drama as i stripped her off and held her to put her on the scales she wee'd and poo'd in my hand. Still giggling about it now.Next was a mad dash to Welshpool Hospital for her Second Hearing test. Unfortunately it came back as no response so she will now be referred to an Audiology clinic. After the tests we went to one of our local playgroups, It was lovely watching my eldest daughter playing so well with friends and for me chatting to other parents. At song time Arrianna woke up so i got her out of her car seat and took her to join the group she loved it laughing and smiling at me showing how much she enjoyed it. The leader then spent some time with Arrianna which was lovely its great to be part of a welcoming community who have excepted my special girl so well.  After the school run we had to go to the doctors with Arrianna for another urine test. They fitted a urine bag to her and showed me how to fit and remove them for her. Afterwards it was great to be home mad day dashing around but all for my little girl. Today was also different as i had a little hand to hold through out Ceienna my eldest daughter came with me and Arrianna today, We managed to snatch some precious time together too which was lovely. fingers crossed now for a fab weekend.

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