Tuesday, 23 August 2011

2nd Camping Trip 2011 Pembrokeshire

This weekend the family headed off to Pembrokeshire for another camping trip. on the way down we had many laughs, cracking jokes and spotting various different things on the way and singing along to our favourite music. 

It didn't take long to get set up and the children enjoyed the new cars and car mat i had brought for them. Soon we were joined by other children from the site and they were diving in and out of each others tents having great fun. Kellyn especially made a good friend, and i got talking to his dad. 

Later on we went out for the afternoon and the Evening to Pendine Sands, We had so much there. When we got back to the campsite, We were soon joined once again by Kellyn's new friend so i took all the children off to the play ground. Later on we were joined by Kellyns Friends Dad. We talked long into the evening watching the children having so much fun, It turned out we had lots in-common, We were interested in the same things and shared lots of interests. It was wonderful sitting having a drink and a chat actually having someone taking an interest in me. He was also great with the children too, Picking them up when they fell down. We shared lots of parenting ideas too which again made a refreshing change. As night began to fall, we headed back to our tents and settled down for a good nights sleep before the day ahead.  

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