Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Acton scot Victorian Farm Church Stretton

 After our camping trip we headed to Church Stretton to Visit the now very Famous Acton Scott Victorian Farm. The children were chuffed to bit cause Nanny and Granddad joined us. With our new car its fab getting out and about as there is room for the family and our dogs, fab very chuffed with it.

 When we arrived the children both collected their quiz sheets and looked through what had to be done. They were so excited and couldn't wait to get started. Nanny and Granddad had never been before so Kellyn and Ceienna were acting as tour guides and they made a fantastic job together.

 After a morning of wondering round we were all ready for our lunch, We were joined by some very hungry Chickens, It was good remembering when we had chickens when i was little, I still miss them even now as they make such lovely company. As we wondered around Nanny and Granddad also shared their memories of their childhood with the children, so it was really nice for them to gain this knowledge. The day slipped away fast and the two older children were growing tired after their adventures, so we headed back to Drop off the grandparents and head home. Acton Scott we found was very reasonable there is lots to see here as it is a working farm. The girft shop is also very reasonably priced, I even brought a book i have wanted for years. The site is mostly accessable for pushchairs however there are some parts which are upstairs.

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