Thursday, 11 August 2011

Elan Valley Camping Trip Day 1

 As we arrived in Rhayder we headed up te hills into Elan Valley many of those who know me will know i call this place heaven on Earth its totally beautiful with lots of scenery. Today the weather was cold and wet and due to Arrianna having an eye condition i have to be very careful with her in the wind which means our walking days are limited however we drove round visiting each dam in turn.

 The dams hold the Water for the City of Liverpool, Its hard to believe such beauty is man made. Elan Valley is also a place of history cause it was here they tested the bouncing bombs during the war, The True Dambusters and there are talks held regularly through out the years and the dam which was tested, well its remains can be seen today.

 After we reached the last dam hunger had set in among us so we headed to the Visitor Centre of lunch, As we sat down the heavens opened and we sat for ages watching the rain before our Next adventure.

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