Saturday, 6 August 2011

Arrianna at 23 Weeks

 How totally blessed this family is to have such a wonderful addition in Arrianna, such a beautiful smile that just washes away all those blues. The summer holidays are well under way and the fun as not stopped yet, Arrianna has been on so many adventures including the Royal Welsh Show, Walks and we have even been to Swansea. Arrianna has dis coved new noises and loves to show off and gain attention using them. Kellyn and I have brought her lots of new toys and she responds well to discover what they do.
 Arrianna has had a recent visit to the Physiotherapist as she still has very low mussel tone and now she is getting bigger the problems are creeping in, She is unable to support herself in an upright position and although we worked hard to gain neck control for her she is still struggling. We were recommended to get a bumbo but this was totally unsuitable for her and now i am looking at specialist seating for her as she need to have a chair to eat in now she is on solid foods which will support her well so does not have any digestion issues. Once again i am now busy researching but i got talking to a lovely lady recently at a carers group i attend and she was able to advise me ( Thank You at last someone understands ). Watch this space for our Big Adventure specially tailored for Arrianna COMING SOON.


  1. Veronika used a Bumbo for well over a year. We had to chock all around her with towels to keep her from sliding, until she started to gain weight. Veronika has really low muscle tone too, but once she got her head control it was fantastic. from memory dont think we started using one to she was maybe 8-9 months old. All the best with what you are working on.
    Cheers Kylee

  2. Hi Kylee How is Veronika doing i have changed my email to hope to hear from you soon x