Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Heart Scan Update

After Months of worrying today was finally the day Arrianna was having her heart scan, Once again we visited Shrewsbury Hospital. Arriving at Out Patients we bumped into some familiar faces which was lovely. 

We took a seat and waited to be called by the consultant time seemed to creep by but Arrianna and i had lots of fun playing together. 

Finally 30 minutes later we were called in. I stripped her top off and the Consultant examined her. 
Bless her she was so good just lying there letting the Consultant do what he had do do She didn't Cry and was very brave. 

The Doctor was very please to say the hole which she had been born with had now shrunk to a tiny pin hole, This may never close but as Arrianna is doing so well there is no need to worry about this and for the first time we talked about Arrianna becoming an adult, it felt like someone giving her a future i was so happy. 
It was now time to Celebrate  

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