Thursday, 11 August 2011

Camping Day 2 & Llyn Clywedog

 After waking early to a beautiful sun rise we had breakfast and went for a walk. Yet again it started raining so i put kellyn, ceienna, Arrianna and Muzzy in the car and begain to put away the sleeping bags and the tent.
 We were so happy we didnt want to leave but we were heading to visit another man made dam,  Llyn Clywedog. When we arrived i checked my Blackberry where the was a mark on twitter the waiting for me was a fab message from  someone it made me so happy i was jumping up and down with excitement, there was no one around so i just screamed YES !!!!!!!!!!!! but that's another story. 

 After visiting Beautiful Llyn Clwedog we headed for the dam and the 
Bryn Tail Mine this was a lovely walk and a very interesting visit. 

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