Tuesday, 30 August 2011

County Of Salop 50th Anniversary Steam Rally

 We all woke up with so much excitement. After Breakfast, i prepared us a picnic and off we headed to Shrewsbury stopping to collect Granddad along the way, The 3 Children were bubbling with excitement as we drove into the show field. We were there for opening time so the were not many in the cues.
 We walked in and were greeted by the line up of of Wonderful Steam Engines, The two eldest were amazed Ceienna especially. I couldn't wait to see Fred Dibnahs Engine, I watched this on the Television many times.

 There was just so much to see here we were all very happy, especially as we entered the Working Field. Granddad and i couldnt wait to see the Tractor pulling. The adrenaline pumped around my body once more as the roar of the Cumins engine echoed around the Beautiful Shropshire Countryside. Many Memories came back to us, As we listened to the commentator i had to be restrained from leaping over the fences to do it properly as he knew nothing about this fab sport, Which My Dad and i were involved in for so many years, We travelled all around the country both following and later working for the sport.

 After watching the Grand Parade of the Steam Engines We walked around the Trade stands, As time drifted on the children were very tired so we head back to the car and on to Cousin Max's Birthday Party with the rest of our family.

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