Thursday, 11 August 2011

Camping Night

Well after watching the Red Kites we decided it was time to set up camp. We chose to stay at Gigrin and i am so glad we did it was totally worth it. The children enjoyed the freedom and space for the field running and chasing each other around while i pitched up the tent, giving a few spectators a good laugh as i was doing this on my own. but we sat watching the Kites flying around us long into the evening.
 We were soon hungry once again so we headed off into Rhayder for a Chip supper, as we reached the town we had a wonderful suprise, there was a Tractor run on so we parked the car and headed to the centre to watch. The children were so happy debating makes and models its amazing the knowledge these children have gathered and standing listening to them discussing such issues just makes me giggle.

After grabbing dome dinner we headed for a walk along the river where we came across a park so the children headed off for a play much to Muzzys disappointment he couldnt join in. While here we had our first bad reaction from someone who looked at Arrianna, But Arrianna gave them her smile and soon won them over.
As evening closed in we headed back to the tent and the children were soon asleep leaving me to just enjoy the beautiful scenery the nature going on around me and just some me time, The camp site was now empty as other campers had left. It was just such a lovely feeling and i went to sleep feeling totally at peace.

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