Friday, 19 August 2011

A VERY Proud Mummy

As i lay on the grass today with my 3 wonderful children i couldnt help but think how wonderful they where and how lucky i am to have them. Having been a single mum now for nearly 2 years, i look back with pride i see how far we have all come from being so low, beaten up from our peoples hurtful words, Harassment and threats to the family we are today, Full of life, love and Happiness. After all the bad time this family has been through from being at rock bottom living with a 1 month old baby ( Kellyn ) in a caravan on an industrial estate after being forced away from our lovely home we are now truely blessed with having a special baby our lovely Arrianna who is the light of our lives.

When Kellyn turns 5 this year he will officially become a young carer, He has took on the responsibilities  brilliantly of being an older sibling of a Sister with Disabilities and proudly shows her off. He has thrown himself into learning Makaton and helps me with Arrianna's Physio. Arrianna responds so well to Kellyn its very special to see. I am so Proud of him, He has done so well and is doing well despite the knock backs he has taken, but now i have had the strength to protect me family and make sure that the people who have hurt him in the past NEVER get the chance to do it again any any attempt will not be tolerated. When Arrianna has appointments Kellyn always remembers and what's to know what is happening no matter what.

I look at the children and think WOW, This is what i have achieved, i run my house and my family well, Totally on my own. I have full control and have no help in anyway, not that i need it, Even though i know certain people have been saying things about me well to those of you. Least while you are slagging off my family you are leaving others alone, But i know were good now.  The only thing i miss from a relationship is affection but seeing others rush into relationships and seeing how badly they can go wrong has left me with reservations and when ever i feel a bit down i just look at Arrianna she gives me that special smile and all is well again. I know i dont need a man and if ever i get into a relationship again it will be because i want to not because i need to. This year i have gained so much self respect and for the first time in my life i feel i can say no, which is fab. For me being Single really works i am Flying High with my Children Flying behind me. As some of you may also know we had a bit of a win recently and so were soon off on Holiday to enjoy it. This family has had to go through so much hurt and darkness to appreciate the Good and God are we enjoying it. Keep checking our blog for more of our Good Times to Come, Especially now we can plan for the Future with Arrianna firmly Centre of all our Hearts.

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  1. I'm so happy!!! Thankyou for sharing that story Georgie..I'm so proud of you, you are a shining light for everyone to follow. ..Paul xx